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Congrats Chantal on your JACS paper

on Tue, 16/12/2014 - 14:38

Chantal's work on the covalency of halogen bonds has just been published by the Journal of the American Chemical Society. This collaborative work with Paul Beer at Oxford provides the first experimental data that conclusively shows the degree of covalency in halogen bonded systems. Halogen bonds are a form of "non-covalent interaction" that is typically considered to be dominated by electrostatic interactions. However, Chantal's work shows that at least some halogen bonds have a similar degree of covalent character as metal-halide bonds.The key experiments involved using Cl K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy to determine the degree of charge donation from a chloride ion to a series of hydrogen bond and halogen bond donors. The presence of an intense pre-edge feature in the spectra when halogen bonding is present clearly demonstrates that charge transfer (covalent delocalization) is quite large in these systems. From these data, it is further possible to quantify the degree of covalency in these bonds.