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Current Research Projects

Bonding and reactivity in heteroatom metallocyclobutane derivatives

We are exploring the electronic structure of metallooxetanes and azametallocyclo-butanes in collaboration with the Love group. These species are postulated intermediates in a number of organometallic reactions and yet are poorly understood.

Determining the mechanism of abnormal carbene reactivity with phosphaalkenes

Josh Bates in the Gates Group at UBC discovered that phosphaalkenes reacted with n-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) by addition at the so-called 'abnormal' position of the carbene.

Spectroscopy and imaging of metallotherapeutics

In collaboration with Prof Peter J Sadler, we are using spectroscopy to probe the coordination chemistry and related bioactivity of important classes of metal-based drugs targeted towards anticancer and antiviral applications.

What is halogen bonding?

We have begun to explore the electronic nature of halogen bonding, a type of intermolecular interaction that has been termed a halogen version of a hydrogen bond.