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Weiying He

PhD student


Ph.D student (Chemistry), University of British Columbia (Pierre Kennepohl), 2016.

B.Sc. (Chemistry), Sichuan University( Changwei Hu and Zhishan Su), 2012-2016.


About Me

Born and raised in a border city, Suifenghe, Heilongjiang. Weiying He has explored large area of China (Northeast, East and Southwest China) and even an exciting tour to Vancouver during his study period. After finishing his bachelor degree in Sichuan University, Chengdu, he came back to the group of Prof. Pierre Kennepohl at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver to pursue his PhD since 2016. He has been focusing on the using Ni/Cu thiophene complexes with small molecule to explore their important behaviors in Catalysis mechanism and commits himself to extend their applications. Thanks to Globalink Scholarship and generous fellowships supported by UBC, Weiying has the chance of studying the small molecule system based on organometallic syntheses, diverse spectroscopic and computational methods. When not thinking about Science, Weiying would like to watch some videos, improve his photography and language skills. 

Start Date: 
Jul 2016