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Liheng Chen



B.Sc. (in progress), University of British Columbia, 2016 – present


About Me

I completed my secondary education in New Westminster Secondary School, and started my journey of university at UBC in 2016. Science One program was where I chose to spend my first year with, and I found it highly integrated, challenging, but also rewarding. I am fairly interested in the spectroscopic measurements of chemical interactions, and also fond of science in general. I joined the Kennepohl Group in the summer of 2017, and I worked with Ruben on probing the halogen bonding between iodine and aromatic rings with Magnetic Circular Dichroism as well as UV-vis Spectroscopy. We hope to obtain a more comprehensive MCD picture on the halogen bonding of iodine.

Besides academic life, I love a variety of music and sports. I am a soccer fan and badminton player, and am also very decent at performing bamboo flute, a traditional musical instrument in east Asia. In addition, I love the beautiful summer in Vancouver!

Start Date: 
May 2017
End Date: 
May 2018